Geese Book Volume I - fol. 177r

Feria sexta /De lancea domini et armorum christi
Feast of the Holy Lance and the Nails

Mass for the Holy Lance and the Nails: Alleluia: Michael descendit

Alleluia V. Angelus Michael descendit de caelo et apparebat cum gloriosis signis et laudibus dominicae passionis.

Alleluia. Verse: The angel Michael descended from heaven and appeared with glorious signs and praises of the passion of the Lord

Mass for the Holy Lance and the Nails: Sequentia: Hodiernae festum lucis

Hodiernae festum lucis
et sollemne vitae ducis
pro victrici lancea

Decantemus laudes ei,
quem transfixi vice rei
haec salutis framea

Omnis utriusque sexus
te stringebat culpae nexus
et mortis angustia

Psalle illi qui resolvit
culpam, poenam pro te solvit
vitae dans remedia

Ave ferrum triumphale,
intrans pectus tu vitale
caeli pandis ostia

Fecundata tu cruore,
felix hasta, nos amore
per te fixi saucia

Felix cruor, quem fuderunt,
artus Christi, quos foderunt
clavorum fixoria

Fixa per te ac rigata
et per clavos solidata
nostra sint praecordia

Salve Jesu Nazarene,
tu pro nobis mortis poenae
affectus iniuria

Placa patrem maiestatis,
ut in aevum cum beatis
nos coronet gloria

The festival of light today
and celebration of our life’s leader
for the conquering lance

Let us sing and praise him,
transfixed instead of the guilty
by this spear of salvation

Everyone of each sex
wounded you, bound in sin
and in the suffering of death

Sing to him who redeemed
from sin, who suffered punishment for you
giving the remedy of life

Hail triumphant sword,
entering the living breast
you open the doors of heaven

Made fertile by blood
happy spear wounding us
with love through you, so pierced

Happy blood, which was shed
by the limbs of Christ, pierced
by the driving of nails

May our hearts be transfixed
through you and watered
and made firm through nails

Hail, Jesus of Nazareth,
for us you suffered
the punishment of death

Placate the father of majesty
that for ever with the blessed
we may be crowned in glory.