Geese Book Volume II - fol. 80r

Marthe virginis
Martha, virgin (29 July)

Mass for Saint Martha: Sequentia: Marthae ingens sanctitas

Marthae ingens sanctitas
moribus ditata
est vera securitas
fidelibus data
in celis parata

Ipsius virginitas
summe decorata
serviendi caritas
Deo fuit grata
quem est hospitata

Serpens ille pavidus
victus est per eam
signo crucis trepidus
dimittens cavernam
qua steterat abditus
morte trucidatus
atque prosternatus.

Vertens naves funditus
faciens procellam
et absorbens fervidus
tollendo lucernam
vitae navigantibus
ore propalatus
et vorans elatus

Fronto in altari stans
plebe congregata
raptus est sanctificans
voce Dei facta
ut videret obitum
et esset adiutor
Christi et servitor

Scriptura testificans
Deifice facta
tumulum sanctificans
ipsa exspirata
evidens est speculum
et vitae largitor
qui fuit sepultor

Viro sancta populo
per quem visitaris
Tharasconis oppido
ubi tumularis
impetra et subito
regnum quo locaris

Ut refectus pabulo
cibi salutaris
cernat deum oculo
cum quo tratularis
celso in empireo
et glorificaris

The great holiness of Martha
enriched by virtue
is true safety
granted to the faithful
made ready in heaven

Her virginity
highly graced
charity in serving
was acceptable to God
who was her guest

That terrible serpent
was defeated through her
fearful at the sign of the cross
leaving its cave
where it had stayed hidden
butchered to death
and laid low.

It overturned ships
making a storm
and devoured them with fire
taking away the light
of life from sailors
appearing with its mouth
and rising to devour them

Fronto standing at the altar
with the people gathered together
is seized away as he officiates
made by the voice of God
to see the death
and be the helper
and servant of Christ

Scripture bearing witness
prepared by God
sanctifying the grave
after she died
it is the clear mirror
and the giver of life
was the one who buried her

Holy one, pray now for the people
whom you visited
for the town of Tarascon
where you are buried
the kingdom where you find yourself

That refreshed by the nourishment
of the food of salvation
it may see with eyes God
with whom you dwell
in the high heaven
and are glorified