Geese Book Volume II - fol. 95r

Sebaldi confessoris
Sebaldus, confessor (19 August)

Mass for Saint Sebaldus: Sequentia: Concinamus pariter

Concinamus pariter
et Deum laudemus
Sebaldum alacriter
votis provocemus.

Hic de Francis genitus
propinquos posttergat
quamvis natus inclitus
ne in nefas vergat.

Merito Vincentiam
eremum elegit,
vincat ut malitiam
se Deo subegit.

Paucos contubernio
eremo assumit,
vivit soli Domino
abs quo nil praesumit.

Visitat miraculis
hunc Deus frequenter
votum fecit patulis
factis pertinenter.

Famem patientibus
fert refectionem
sitim sustinentibus
miram potionem.

Aqua vertit in vinum
diu duraturum
panem opus divinum
praestat opportunum.

Mortuus deducitur
rudibus iumentis
Nurimberg perducitur
divinis fomentis.

Stant in loco humili
nec abinde cedunt
donec loci populi
locum sacrum aedunt.

Transferri si coeperat
nil per hoc secutum
a Scotis redierat
corpus revolutum.

Ad locum divinitus
primum vehebatur,
factum istud caelitus
cunctis propalatur.

Illudentis facies
in plaga notatur,
mulieris species
passa commutatur.

O Sebalde, propera
tuos hic tueri,
et devotos munera
vultu Dei veri.

Tibi laudes agimus
triples in personis
cuius esse dicimus
merae actionis.

Let us sing together
and let us praise God
and summon Sebaldus
quickly by our prayers.

This scion of the Franks
turned his back on his near ones
although of noble birth
lest he may turn to sin.

Rightly he chose
to be a hermit in Vicenza
to conquer evil
he submitted himself to God

A few he takes
as fellow hermits,
lives for the Lord alone
without whom he dares nothing.

God often visits him
with miracles
he answered his prayer
with open deeds.

To those suffering hunger
he brings refreshment
to those thirsting
miraculous drink.

Water changes into wine
long lasting
bread duly
the divine work brings forth.

Dead he is borne
by rough oxen
carried to Nuremberg
by divine mercy.

They stand on the spot
nor leave it
while the people of the place
build a holy shrine.

When he began to be carried
nothing was here
from the Scots had returned
his body coming back.

To the holy place
first he was conveyed
an act of heaven
manifest to all.

The face of the mocker
is marked by a blow
the beauty of a woman
changed by suffering.

O Sebaldus, hasten
to protect here your own,
and grant your followers
the sight of the true God.

To you we offer praises
three persons
whose we say we are
in humble duty.