Geese Book Volume II - fol. 12v

Thome episcopi et martiris
Thomas, apostle and martyr (21 December)

In die sancto
Thomas Becket, bishop and martyr (29 December)

Silvestri pape
Sylvester I, pope (31 December)

Pauli primi heremiti
Paul of Thebes, hermit (10 January)

Felicis in pincis
Felix of Nola, confessor (14 January)

Marcelli pape et martiris
Marcellus I, pope and martyr (16 January)

Anthonii abbatis
Anthony Abbot (17 January)

Prisce virginis
Prisca, virgin and martyr (18 January)

Fabiani et Sebastiani
Fabian and Sebastian, martyrs (20 January)